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May 12, 2017


Guests: Eréndira Aldana: PhD Candidate in Psychology - UH Manoa, Member of the UH Immigrant & Refugee Action Coalition; Clare Hanusz: Immigration Attorney

The panel discussed immigration policy under president Trump and his use of Executive Orders to change specific policies. Specifically, the “Muslim Ban” and the short-sighted immigration decisions regarding Mexico. Discussion encompassed the sanctuary movement and the First Amendment rights of both documented and undocumented immigrants in Hawai‘i.

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April 14, 2017

Trump's Middle East Policy

Guests: Farideh Farhi, Independent scholar, Affiliate Faculty of Political Science- UH Manoa

The show discussed the highly incoherent and problematic U.S. policy in various Middle East spaces, such as, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. seems to think it still exists in a unilateral world, as was the case under President George W. Bush.

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March 10, 2017

Seperation Walls

Guests: LaJoya R. Shelly, President of the Black Students Association — UH Manoa; Teresa Hodges, Lecturer of Ethnic Studies — UH Manoa

Discussed race and ethnic relations that the Trump presidency has unleashed in the public sphere. The main focus was on color-based discrimination, stereotyping, and immigration. The guests also discussed what could be done to combat the politics of hate.

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February 10, 2017

Trump: Politics for a New Century?

Guests: Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English—UH Manoa; Noel Kent, Professor of Ethinc Studies—UH Manoa

The discussion centered on Trump ‘s extremist worldview and the neo-fascist movement he has unleashed at home. Loss of individual liberties domestically and dangerous foreign policy moves appear to define the Trump presidency.

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