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February 20, 2015

Ethnic Studies in Oceania

Guests: Ty Tengan, Chair of Ethnic Studies — UHM; Davianna McGregor, Professor of Ethnic Studies — UHM; Brian Chung, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies — UHM

The guests discussed the significance of the Department of Ethnic Studies’ Conference, “Our Future, Our Way: Directions in Oceanic Ethnic Studies” to be held from March 11-14, 2015 to the development of the field of Ethnic Studies scholarship for the academy and community.

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March 13, 2015

Hawai'i: The Politics of Growth

Guests: Marti Townsend, Environmental Activist; Bart Dame, Political Activist

The discussion revolved around current Hawai‘i politics and what drives decision makers to focus on big-ticket development projects that benefit real estate developers, tourism and the military.

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April 10, 2015

Micronesians: Between Two Worlds

Guest: Joakim Peters, Ph.D. Candidate, College of Education - UHM, Member of The Micronesian Community Advocacy Group

The show explored recent developments in the situation of Micronesians in Hawai‘i and the continental U.S., especially in terms of health care, education and employment.

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March 8, 2015


Guests: Bianca Isaki, KAHEA Board Member; Shelley Muneoka, KAHEA Board Member; Jonathan Osorio, Professor of Hawaiian Studies - UHM

The guests discussed the controversy surrounding the Thirty Meter Telescope from an indigenous perspective.

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September 11, 2015

The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Guests: Farideh Farhi, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor of Political Science - UHM

A detailed discussion about the Iranian nuclear deal and its implications for Iran, the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the region as a whole.

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October 9, 2015

Faculty and Students for Justice in Palestine

Guests: Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English - UHM; Noel Kent, Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM

The discussion focused on the newly formed organization at the University of Hawai‘i in support of Palestinian national rights and against Israeli apartheid.

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November 13, 2015

Globalization and Empire

Guests: Manfred Steger, Professor of Political Science - UHM, Honorary Professor of Global Studies at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The discussion centered around the meaning of globalization and globalism and their relationship to political economic development worldwide.

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Decemeber 11, 2015

Egypt After the Muslim Brothers

Guests: Fikry Andrawes, Ph.D., Author, Commentator

The program started with a history of Islam and Egypt to contextualize the discussion the main events that led to the rise of Muhammad Morsi as the president of Egypt and his ouster from power by the Egyptian military in July 2013 after a ground swell of popular opposition to Morsi. The discussion then moved about the state of affairs in Egypt under president Sisi.

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