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February 14, 2006

FACE - Faith and Politics

Guests: Gerry Madison - Chair, Jobs Committee, Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE); Godfrey Maeshiro - Vice-President, Local 5 and Labor Committee, FACE; Michelle Takemoto - Jobs Committee, FACE.

The relationship between faith and social activism for justice and equality is highlighted. FACE and its activism in the community, including community organizing, is highlighted. The importance of activism on all levels to effect social change comes into sharp focus.


March 14, 2006

UARC Reloaded

Guests: Ikaika Hussey - DMZ Hawai’i/Aloha Aina; Beverly Keever, Professor of Journalism - UHM; Miriam Sharma, Professor of Asian Studies - UHM, Save UH/Stop UARC.

Despite the overwhelming opposition from the university community system-wide, UH Interim President David McClain recommended the University Affiliated Research Center to the University’s Board of Regents. The discussants expose McClain’s machinations and how it would be a disservice both to the UH community and the people of Hawai’i.


April 11, 2006

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Guests: George Hudes - Jewish Voice for Peace, Friends of Sabeel, Hawai'i; Ramsis Lutfy - Friends of Sabeel, Hawai'i; Reverend Barbara Grace Ripple - Retired.

The work for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is highlighted. Reverend Ripple speaks about her recent trip to Israel/Palestine and George Hudes discusses his earlier trip there. Violation of human rights under occupation and the plight of the Palestinian population are discussed. The program title is inspired by the lecture given by Jerry and Sis Levin on April 6, 2006 at UHM. Both Jerry and Sis are members of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

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May 9, 2006

Iran, the U.S. and Politics

Guests: Farideh Farhi - Adjunct Professor of Political Science, UHM; Ramsis Lutfy - Friends of Sabeel, Hawai’i.

The relationship between Iran and the U.S. and the impact of the U.S. role on the Middle East region are discussed. Prospects of war with Iran and a widening of the on-going conflict are debated.

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September 12, 2006

Imperial Designs: Iraq, Lebanon and Beyond

Guests: Farideh Farhi - Adjunct Professor of Political Science - UHM; Ramsis Lutfy - Professor of Zoology, Retired.

U.S. plans to dominate the Middle East are discussed with special emphasis on Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Iran.

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October 10, 2006

Nationalism and Globalization

Guests: Dean Alegado, Department Chair of Ethnic Studies - UHM; Pensri Ho, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM; Nandita Sharma, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Sociology - UHM.

The relationship of immigration to globalization is discussed. Xenophobia and its relationship to nationalism is demonstrated through actions of groups and individuals opposed to immigration. The role of national public policy in exacerbating "nativist" tendencies and the struggle against such policies are examined.

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November 14, 2006

Democratic Route vs. Republican Route

Guests: Ah Quon McElrath - Member, Retired UH Board of Regents; Bart Dame - Community Activist.

The significance and impact of the 2006 mid-term elections nationally and locally are discussed.

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December 12, 2006

Middle East Encounter

Guests: Michael Bernardini, Political Science Major - UHM; Adrianna Overdorff, Political Science Major - UHM.

Students discuss how and why they became interested in Middle East issues and offer analysis of current developments in the context of historical development of war and conflict. The relations of the U.S. to Middle Eastern countries are analyzed.

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