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Previous Episodes for 2005


February 2005

Politics ʻ05: What is at Issue?

Guests: Ah Quon McElrath, Member of UH Board of Regents (Retired); Roy Takumi, Chair, Education Committee-Hawai´i State House of Representatives; Jonathan Okamura, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM.

The state of legislative politics in the state regarding education and labor are highlighted. Critical analysis of both Democrats and Republican policies make for interesting discussion about the 2005 Legislative session and the immediate future that the state faces.


March 2005

Classified Research

Guests: Ruth Dawson, Professor of Women Studies - UHM; Gary Fuller, Professor of Geography - UHM.

Classified research philosophy and policy are discussed. The latest developments regarding the establishment of University Affiliated Research Center are also discussed.


April 2005

Labor 2005: Whatʻs at Stake

Guests: Steve Dinion, Musician’s Union - Hawai'i; Eric Gill, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (HERE)-Local 5; Liana M. Petranek, Ph. D., Flight Attendant.

Local Labor issues are discussed in the context of globalization and war. Recent developments with the Musicians Union and hotel workers are also discussed.


May 2005

Students Talk Labor

Guests: Patrick Filner - UHM Student, ES 495 (Hawai'i Labor History); Kristy Ringor- UHM Student, ES 495 (Hawai'i Labor History).

Two graduate students discuss why they actively support labor struggles and unionization and how they arrived to that position.


September 2005

Indigenous Rights - 2005

Guests: Noelani Goodyear-Ka’opua - Ph. D., Halau Kumana Public Charter School; Ty Tengan, Assistant Professor Ethnic Studies and Anthropology - UHM; ‘Imai Winchester, Graduate Student, UHM/Teacher, Halau Kumana Public Charter School.

Indigenous voices discuss the Akaka Bill, the Kamehameha Schools controversy, Hawaiian rights, Activism, and issues of identity.


October 2005

Classified Research, Militarization and Community

Guests: Ruth Dawson, Professor of Women’s - UHM; Kyle Kajihiro, Program Director, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) - Hawai'i.

The push for classified research at the University of Hawai'i and the overwhelming opposition from the university community to the UH leaders’ plans to institute classified research is discussed. Also discussed are the reasons why faculty and students deem this type of research counter-productive to the UH and its mission.


November 2005

I Ku'u Pono, 'Aole Pau (Our Work For Justice Continues)

Guests: Dean Alegado, Chair Department of Ethnic Studies - UHM; Monisha Das Gupta, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies - UHM; Jonathan Okamura, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM.

The role of educators in society to help bring about justice and equality is discussed. The title of the program is also the title of the inaugural Ah Quon McElrath Distinguished Lecture in Social Change and Justice.


December 2005

Local 5 - Global Hotels

Guests: Elaine Hornal, Pantry Cook - Turtle Bay Resorts; Cathy Lowenberg, Law Student - UHM, Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Hotel workers and Local 5 members discuss their working conditions and future contract negotiations with the hotels on O’ahu. The transformation of hotel ownership into huge transnational enterprises and the role that this transformation has played is discussed.