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Previous Episodes for 2004


February 2004

Democratic Primaries 2004

Guests: Ah Quon McElrath - Member, Board of Regents; Bart Dame – Representative, Kucinich Campaign; John Witeck – Labor and Community Activist.

The program discusses the political climate and the positions of the various Democratic candidates while focusing on Howard Dean, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, and John Edwards. Lively discussion reveals the unity of the Democrats, despite their fielding of several candidates, in their attempt to defeat George W. Bush in the General elections of 2004.


March 2004

Faculty and the State

Guests: Naoko Shibusawa, Asst. Professor of History - UHM, UHPA Board Member; Jeannie Lum, Associate Professor of Educational Foundations - UHM, UHPA Board Member.

A discussion by faculty about the state of higher education and public policy as revealed through Governor Linda Lingle's offer to the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA). The discussion points out the larger strategy contemplated by the state to move the UH system more towards privatization. Faculty also express concerns about the adverse consequences of that strategy for public higher education.


April 2004

Ethnic Rainbow: Myth or Reality?

Guests: Rick Baldoz, Assistant Professor of Sociology - UHM; Marion Kelly, Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM (Retired); Jonathan Okamura, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM.

The discussion revolves around debunking the myth of the "rainbow" and looks at race and ethnic relations in Hawai'i in the contemporary period.


May 2004

Frederic Bush: Israel in Palestine

Guests: Margaret Brown, Friends of Sabeel - Hawai'i; George Hudes, Friends of Sabeel - Hawai'i; Robert Stiver, Friends of Sabeel - Hawai'i.

The guests discuss the harsh reality of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the suffering of the Palestinian people. The program was inspired by Professor Frederic Bush's visit to Israel/Palestine.


September 2004

The Peace Movement

Guests: Bart Dame, Community Activist; Carolyn Hadfield, Not in Our Name (NION); Ruth Hsu, Associate Professor of English - UHM.

The state of the peace movement in Hawai'i and the U.S. is discussed. Local activists discuss war and peace and the impacts of the war domestically and in the Middle East.


October 2004

Labor, War, and Empire

Guests: Steve Dinion, Musicians Union and Coordinator, Co-founder of Hawai'i Labor for Justice and Peace; Liana Petranek, Ph. D Political Science, Member of Flight Attendants Union (Hawaiian Air); John Witeck, President of the People's Fund, Member of Hawai'i Government Employees Association (HGEA).

Guests discuss the effects of the wars the US is engaged in on labor and the union movement locally and nationally. The program also discusses the effect of the war in Iraq on the state of the labor movement in that country. The relationship between US wars in the Middle East and the US imperial project is also discussed.


November 2004

The Next Four Years

Guests: Bart Dame, Community Activist; Noel J. Kent, Professor of Ethnic Studies - UHM.

The discussion revolves around the re-election of George W. Bush and what it might mean for domestic and international politics. Guests also discuss presidential campaign of 2004.


December 2004

Palestine: Occupation or Independence

Guests: George Hudes, Member of Friends of Sabeel - Hawai'i.

Israeli policies and actions in the Palestinian occupied territories are discussed. Mr. Hudes shares aspects of his recent fact-finding trip to Israel/Palestine. Israeli settler activities on the occupied West Bank are highlighted.