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Previous Episodes for 2001


February 2001

Indigenous Rights

A discussion of Kanaka Maoli rights, including the impact of the Rice versus Cayetano US Supreme Court decision on those rights. The Akaka Bill and its implications on Kanaka Maoli rights are also analyzed.


March 2001

Tenants on the Move

A discussion of conditions in public housing and the social movement of tenants organizing in their own defense.


April 2001

Labor and the State

A discussion of the UHPA and HSTA strikes and the relationship between the state government and public workers.


May 2001

Global Impact

A discussion about globalization and its impacts on local communities. Hawai'i's development in the context of the process of globalization is emphasized.


September 2001

Labor: A New Beginning

Guests: Ah Quon McElrath, Board of Regents - UHM; Eric Gill, Financial Secretary/Treasurer-Local 5; Mari Yoshimura, Assistant Professor of American Studies - UHM.

A discussion of Labor issues in light of the political economy in Hawai'i. Emphasis is on labor organizing and tactics and strategies to achieve organizing goals in the context of contemporary local and global politics.


October 2001

Hegemony and Power

Guests: Farideh Farhi, Adjunct Scholar Middle East Institute Washington D.C.; Tamara Albertini, Associate Professor of Philosophy - UHM.

A discussion of U. S. government reaction to the 9/11 events and a critique of U. S. policy in the Middle East and South Asia.


November 2001

9/11: Islands in Crisis

Guests: Miriam Sharma, Professor of Asian Studies - UHM; Kyle Kajihiro, Program Director, American Friends Service Committee, Ethnic Studies - UHM.

Discusses the impact of the 9/11 events on the Hawaiian economy and the politics associated with that. Includes a discussion on civil rights in view of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath.


December 2001

Afghanistan: Patriot Acts

Guests: Farideh Farhi, The Middle East Institute Washington D.C.

A discussion of the war in Afghanistan including a critique of U. S. policy in the Middle East, South and Central Asia regions two months into the Afghanistan campaign. Discussed also is the erosion of civil liberties in light of the Patriot Act.